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Launch date: Monday, March 18, 2019 - 11:00 am EST

Incredible 5-Level Funnel with 3 Products
50% Commissions on Sales Plus
50% Lifetime Commissions on Future Upgrades
Lifetime Cookie For Future Purchases!!
$205 Total Ticket!

  • $100 Bonus for every 100 units sold!
  • Bonuses Stack! (500 units earns $500)

The First Product Converts Easily on a Cold List!

What is YIVE?

Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) is an automated system to produce videos on autopilot. Three different apps give users the power to create and publish automated streams of income from Amazon, Affiliate Products, Ecommerce, and Client Lead Generation.

  • YIVE - Over 250 Million products to choose from on Amazon
  • YIVE SMB - Convert Webpages to Video
  • YIVECaster - Convert RSS Feeds to Video 24/7/365
  • YIVECaster - Convert Keyword Searches to Video 24/7/365
  • Web-Based, nothing to download
  • Complete Video Training
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Only affiliates who have at least 100 sales already in PKS will be approved on instant commissions. If you’re below that you’ll be put on delayed commissions and the commissions will be paid out after 30 days.

Negative promotions are not allowed. If you do it, you’ll be banned from this launch and any launch that we do in the future.

Spamming is not allowed.


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