Your Instant video empire - version 4

YIVE 4.0 - The MASS video marketing platform that launches your business success


NOTE: We will close this offer when we reach maximum capacity.

What is YIVE?
YIVE is a video creator and marketing automation machine

WARNING: What you are about to see is extremely powerful and may NOT be suited for you.

Proceed with caution.

Starts at $47/mo.


Everything we know about successful video marketing has driven the design and creation of YIVE 4.0

Three previous versions and thousands of previous customers helped to create this new AUTOMATION BEAST.

Do you want to drive earnings like this?

Why Use Video?

It's Where Buyers Go!

Do YOU Need To Be A Professional Video Maker? NO!

Amazon Product Videos for Commissions

Article Videos for Clicks To Your Offer

What Does YIVE 4.0 Do For You?

Build Your Empire of Thousands of Niche Content Videos Quickly and Easily

Creates and Uploads Videos on Autopilot for you
Creates Videos 24/7/365 for you
Creates Videos from Your RSS Feeds for you
Creates Videos for Any Keyword for you
Creates Videos from batches of Articles for you
Creates Videos from Any URL for you
Creates Videos For Amazon Reviews for you
Creates Videos for Multiple Languages for you
Creates Videos from Your Own Scripts for you
Creates Unique Videos from one Script for you
Creates Unique Videos from one of your Own Videos

What Can You Do With YIVE 4.0?

Dominate Any Niche with Thousands of Videos
Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Campaigns
Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Products
Drive Traffic to Your Adsense Blogs
Drive Traffic to Websites You Flip
Drive Traffic to Websites You Rent
Drive Traffic for Pay Per Call Leads
Drive Traffic to Lead Generation Sites
Drive Traffic to Client Websites
Dominate in Many Languages
Build Your Email List
Resell Traffic to Clients
Sell Pre-Roll Ads to Clients
Build Video Backlinks en masse for website SEO
Build A Full-Time Income From Home

Automation - Works 24/7/365 on Autopilot

Complete a simple form, tell YIVE how many videos to make, and it will go to work....even while you sleep.
Create a campaign in less than 2 minutes that produces hundreds of videos
No video editing skills necessary. Automated Creation, Automated Upload, Automated Reporting
Run multiple campaigns at once, you are only limited by the number of channels you add.
Distribute videos from the same campaign across multiple YouTube Channels  and StreamMachine.TV channels automatically.
Use the {keyword} tag to change keywords in a single campaign.
Use the {url} tag to change target URLs in a single campaign.
Use Spintax with scripts and video descriptions.
Use batches of unique articles to provide content to your campaigns.
Automatically chooses the high-quality, fully-licensed assets to use in your videos.
Automatically uses your own assets for videos if you choose that option.
Automatically converts scripts to Text-To-Speech, if you select that option.
Automatically chooses and adds background music to any video, if you select that option.
Control the description field of every video YIVE makes, adding your links as directed.
Rank Multiple Videos within minutes

RSS Feed Videos - Convert Your RSS Feeds Into Videos Automatically

Input your RSS feed, set your schedule, and YIVE takes it from there.
Build a video for every post on your blog or autoblog.
Add your own Pre-Roll Video Ad to every video that is published

URL Videos - Convert Any URL to Videos Automatically

Input your URL(s), set your schedule, and YIVE takes it from there.
Add URLs in Bulk or One-at-a-Time
Want 10 videos for one URL? YIVE builds 10 unique versions of your URL video and can even swap in different keywords.

Keyword Videos - Use Keyword Search Content For Videos Automatically

Input your Keyword(s), set your schedule, and YIVE finds the content for your videos.
Add dozens of niche keywords to a single campaign.
Use {keyword} tag and spintax capabilities to maximize your content.

Article Videos - Use Your Own Articles for Videos Automatically

Input your article, add your keywords, set your schedule, and YIVE does the rest.
Add dozens of niche keywords to make dozens of videos from the same article.
Use spintax capabilities to maximize your content.

Article Forge Videos - Use Article Forge articles for Videos Automatically

Input your keywords and sub-keywords, request as many unique articles as you choose.
Group your articles, set your schedule, and YIVE does the rest.
Re-use groups of articles across campaigns.

Use Your Own - Create Videos from Your Own Videos Automatically

Upload your own videos to the system.
Use a selection of your own intro bumpers and outro bumpers.
Make hundreds of unique variations of your own videos.

Amazon Videos - Creates Amazon Product Videos Automatically

Input your product keywords or ASINS, and YIVE does the rest automatically.
Uses Amazon-approved content to build the video, including Amazon Reviews, automatically
Inserts your Amazon Affiliate link into the video description automatically.

AutoDealer Videos - Creates Vehicle Listing Videos Automatically

Input the dealer information and YIVE does the rest automatically
Uses dealer content to build the video, including images and description automatically
Inserts dealer phone number, website, and inventory information automatically

Custom Thumbnails - Automatically Get Custom Thumbnails Uploaded

YIVE can create custom thumbnails for your videos
Upload your own custom thumbnails by keyword
Randomly assign your own custom images as custom thumbnails

Video Editor - Edit any YIVE Video with a couple of clicks

Easily edit any video that YIVE generates and re-publish as needed.
Build your own video from YIVE licensed assets.
Delete any of your YIVE videos from YouTube, then replace with an edited version.

Reporting - Tracking Your Video Campaigns Automatically

Dashboard of your uploaded videos, showing views, likes, comments.
Export any video campaign video URLs and titles in .csv or .xlxs format
Campaign video creation status shown in real-time.
Support System right in YIVE if you have any problem. No leaving to another support app.

YouTube Channel Management - Add Your Accounts Automatically

Provide your Google Account credentials and validate login, one-at-a-time or in bulk upload.
YIVE will automatically login and detect your channels that are available for uploads.
Group YouTube Channels for multiple channel distribution in a single campaign.

Training & Strategy - Videos To Show You Everything To Build a Successful Video Marketing Business

Over 20 Training Videos for Using YIVE 3.0
Insider Strategy Videos to help you choose your Business Model(s)
Facebook Group for Collaborating with fellow YIVE Members on Strategy

Facebook Group Active Community of Users With Strategy Discussions

YT Account Sellers who can instantly transfer ready-to-use accounts to you.
Strategy and Business Ideas
Meet Users who are killing it with YIVE.

What Do YIVE Videos Look Like?

Here are some examples of videos automatically created with YIVE 3.0

How Easy Is YIVE To Use?

Here are some sample tutorials to show you how easy YIVE 4.0 is to use.

Now Auto-Upload to

New Video App Built for Marketers
Don't stress about YT bans anymore
Video Pages Become Landing Pages with Call-To-Action buttons
Automatically add custom Call-To-Action buttons or pre-set options to each video
Call-To-Actions let you add your own URL or phone number for user to tap and engage
Preset options:  Buy Now, Buy on Amazon, Call Now, Learn More, Set Appointment, with more coming soon!
Automatically add links and content to descriptions
Automatically syndicate each video to other social media accounts.
Easily embed videos anywhere
Use your channel RSS feed in other apps
All videos sent to Google Indexing API automatically
Ad monetization of all videos coming soon.

What Do Customers Say About YIVE?

NOTE: We will close this offer when we reach maximum capacity.

YIVE Features

RSS Feed Videos
Keyword Videos
Single URL Videos
Multiple URL Videos
Amazon Product Videos
Article Videos
Full Video Editor
Text-To-Speech Option
Music Background Option
Text Overlay Option
Pre-Roll Video Ad Option
Spintax Option
Spin {keyword} Option
Spin {url} Option
Custom Thumbnails Option
Export Campaign Reports
24/7 Integrated Support
YouTube Acct Seasoning
Google Account Limit
StreamMachine Account Limit
Monthly Video Limit:

Pay Option 1

Pay Option 2







Lifetime Deal - With YouTube Uploads

Lifetime Deal - StreamMachine Uploads Only


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download any special software?

No. This is cloud-based, so you can access it with an internet connection and any device such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Nothing to download or install.

Do I need to use YouTube API to upload videos?

No. This software does not utilize the YouTube API, and therefore not subject to the Audit requirements in effect under the new YT API terms.

Do I need proxies?

No. YIVE handles all of that.

Do I need a VPN?

No. YIVE is cloud-based.

Do I need any special video skills?

No. This tool is built for people who do not have videography or video-editing skills.

Is there training?

Yes. There are over 20 training videos to cover all aspects of the software and best practices. There are also Strategy videos to help you build a business that generates an income for you.

Does this work in other countries?

Yes. The videos can be made in many languages.

Do you supply YouTube Accounts?

No. You access the Account Marketplace and purchase accounts from other users, or you can subscribe to our Account creation system.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes. However, you will get the pricing available at the time of upgrade which may be higher than current pricing.

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