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What is YIVE?

Your Instant Video Empire (YIVE) is an automated system to produce Product Review videos of products on Amazon. You choose keywords and/or ASINs and YIVE does the rest, pulling product data and reviews, building a video and uploading it to YouTube. You just collect the commissions.

Why Product Review Videos?


Buyers are searching for product review videos in their purchase journey. They will find your videos in this purchase journey and are very likely to purchase from your video, earning you commissions from Amazon through your affiliate link.


Just 10 minutes per week can build a passive income stream each month on autopilot.

The secret that most gurus won't tell you is that success with any online business requires VOLUME. Producing 5 or 10 product review videos might make you a couple of dollars in commissions, but to really generate a passive income of commissions you need HUNDREDS of videos working each day to drive buyers to products.

Who Has Time For All These Steps??
  • 1

    Source Product For Review

    You have to buy the product, wait for it to arrive, then use the product.

  • 2

    Set Up Video Camera & Equipment

    You have to know how to setup your video equipment to make a video review.

  • 3

    Video Editing

    Once your video is recorded you either have to edit it yourself or pay someone to edit it for you.

  • 4

    Upload To YouTube

    You have to upload it to YouTube with the appropriate tags and meta data.

  • 5

    Add Affiliate Link

    You have to login to your Amazon Associates account and create your affiliate link and add it to the video description.

Watch YIVE build a video creation campaign for 20 products in less than 2 minutes

YIVE will automatically upload dozens of these product reviews videos to your channels each day

Your Amazon affiliate link is automatically added to the description!
Google loves videos! Page 1 results for product review searches in most niches.

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Choose by keyword, brand or ASIN
  • Add Unlimited YouTube Channels
  • Create Unlimited Videos Automatically
  • Amazon Associates link added to each video description automatically
  • Integrate with SyndLab or SyndWire for backlinks, we even add text content to go with it!
  • Choose Product Keywords and/or ASINs

  • YIVE will create your videos automatically and add your affiliate link

  • YIVE will upload the videos to your YouTube Channel automatically

  • You collect commissions from your growing video empire

Finally, a passive income system with:
  • No Websites To Build
  • No Traffic To Buy
  • No Products To Source
  • No Clients to Service
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Matt Scriff Matt Scriff

Getting product review videos made has always been a hassle and takes forever, but they are gold for getting converting customers. I can't believe how simple this is and the traffic they drive! Every product we have is getting a video.

Diana Ratliff Diana Ratliff

YIVE is such an awesome system – easy to understand and to do. Videos get views and clicks very quickly, should add up to a substantial long-term income stream.

  • Q.Can this work on any computer?

    A.Yes, this is cloud-based so there is nothing to download or install.

  • Q.Can this work with other ecommerce websites?

    A.No, to comply with Amazon Associates TOS we can only advertise Amazon products.

  • Q.Do I need an Amazon Associates (Affiliate) account?

    A.To earn commissions you must have an Amazon Associates account. If you are an Amazon Seller and just want to promote your own products you do not need an Associates account and can use the internal default API keys to create videos, however you will not earn commissions.

  • Q.Can this work in any country?

    A.Yes. You can be a non-U.S. Amazon Associate, just be sure to designate this in your account setup by using the appropriate country site TLD and your API keys. You can also be a non-U.S. seller to market the products you sell on Amazon.

  • Q.Does this violate Amazon or YouTube TOS?

    A.No. The data is pulled using Amazon’s API and it’s permitted use is for promoting Amazon products. YouTube allows affiliate links in their video descriptions, although they maintain the right to remove videos or accounts that they deem to be abusive. We recommend uploading less than 15 videos PER CHANNEL PER DAY. If you wish to upload more videos per day we recommend creating additional YouTube channels and connecting them to your YIVE account.

  • Q.How many YouTube Channels can I connect to the system?


  • Q.How many videos can I create per day?

    A.You can create as many video campaigns for as many videos are you choose. We recommend setting your campaign to upload no more than 15 videos per day per channel. To upload more than that just add more YouTube channels.

  • Q.What is Syndlab and Syndwire and am I required to have those accounts?

    A.Syndlab and Syndwire are content syndication systems designed to distribute your content to social networks that you create. These syndications create social backlinks to your videos to help search engine rankings. Our system will handle the syndications for you based on how your Syndlab and Syndwire accounts are configured. You are NOT required to have these accounts for the YIVE system to work as intended.

  • Q.How much work do I have to do?

    A.That is up to you. You can invest as little as 10 minutes per week and create several campaigns with hundreds of products. You are only limited by your imagination.

  • Q.Will this become saturated?

    A.There are literally millions of products on Amazon. Even if each member created thousands of videos there are plenty of opportunities to find. Each video is unique, so even if two or more members choose the same product the videos will be different.

  • Q.Can this be used for new products?

    A.A product must have at least 150 words of 4 and 5 star reviews for it to qualify for a video. A product with no reviews cannot have a review video made for it. Once a product has several 4 or 5 star reviews the system can create a video for it.

  • Q.How does the system decide what videos to make?

    A.You create campaigns in the system that tell it what products to look for and create videos. Products without sufficient reviews are excluded. YIVE will provide a list of eligible products and then you choose if you want to make some, or all, of those products into videos with a couple of clicks.

  • Q.Will all of my videos rank on page 1 of Google?

    A.No one can promise that. However in most niches where Product Reviews videos aren’t done we’ve seen most of our videos on page 1.

  • Q.How much money will I make?

    A.This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Your objective is to build an empire of videos that continuously drive traffic for you. Buyers watch review videos before purchasing, so you are helping in that sales process and are very likely to induce that conversion at Amazon.

  • Q.What if I have a problem using the system?

    A.Please contact our support desk at [email protected] and we can assist you.

  • Q.Is there an upsell or OTO?

    A.No. There are no other upsells and offers, the system has one price level.

Only $297 One-Time-Payment Launch Price
Don't Wait! Price Goes Up to $297/mo After Launch Special Ends
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